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Our focus is on providing the data, insights and intelligence needed by our clients in every area of sports marketing, sports media and sponsorship. We understand the DNA of sports fans — what they hear and see, how they react, and how their behavior changes over time. This knowledge is at the heart of making great marketing and sponsorship decisions in a crowded and increasingly costly market.

Sponsorship Evaluation – Market Research – Consultancy – Media Evaluation

Whether you want to know your consumers better, track the activities of your competitors, optimize your marketing, protect your rights or make well-informed sponsorship choices, we can help.

We are Repucom. We watch. We listen. We ask.

REPUCOM offers a single global source of independent market knowledge and consultancy. Our experts in over 20 offices around the world monitor media, conduct market research, observe the activities and distil the opinions of fans every day.
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